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Every day we are conscious about the effect that we are having on our environment and we are fully aware that keeping our Carbon Footprint as low as possible isn't easy.

That's why we take every step that we can to be kind to our earth; small changes can make a big difference.

Vehicles Paper Recycling Lights

Our vans are fitted with the cleanest start/stop engines and emit low emissions.

Our MD has an electric car so his journey to work and back is fully electric.

Our teams travel to and from events by rail, and if that's not possible, we car share.

Only when we absolutely have to do we print anything. We aim to be completely paperless, but our large drawings do need to be printed every now and then.

Our invoicing system is paperless and we have encouraged our suppliers not to send paper invoices too.

Our recycling subscription is larger than our general waste one and about 80% of our other materials are donated to local schools.

The foamex we use is recyclable and our PONGS textiles have biodegradable fibres.

The staging carpets aren't recyclable, so we've invested in non-slip staging that doesn't need carpet, to give our clients a greener option.

As of Feb 2020, all of our external, workshop and office lighting became exclusively LED.

The lighting that we hire is LED technology too.

Even our Gaffer Tape is green! It has a low VOC content, is toluene free and comes in recyclable packaging.
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