One of our most sophisticated events this year was the Starbucks Global Licensing Framework Summit at Twickenham Stadium. The purpose of the event was for 250 of Starbucks’ team to get together and discuss the challenges they have faced and their plans for the future, so a complete immersion into the world of coffee was key!


The Starbucks brand is extremely strong, so dressing the entrance corridors with murals, Starbucks lifestyle images and aromatic coffee stations at regular intervals run by Master Coffee Baristas, really helped to put everyone in the mood on arrival.


The main plenary took place in one of the stadium’s suites that was quite long and narrow; perfect for seating over 250 people, but a challenge to make sure that each and every audience member felt engaged in the proceedings. Our solution was to build a 20m long wall of LED screens so that the projections and presentations could be displayed along the entire length of the room.


In addition to the main room, we created three break-out areas with full branding, lighting and sound for further presentations, a dining hall with freestanding light boxes for maximum impact, and an exhibition area for 15 sponsors and partners.

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“The whole team were amazing, super helpful, incredibly adaptable, uber professional and just lovely. It was a pleasure working with each and every one of you and we really hope to be working with you all again soon.”

Natasha | Head of Events

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