Skoda Superb Car Launch

Archnagairn Castle, Inverness

This exclusive three day press event welcomed journalists to view and test drive the brand new Skoda Superb. Outdoor lighting was used to achieve a unique and exciting setting for the event.

The delegates were hosted overnight in a deluxe complex of detached dwellings, nicknamed Skodaville, in the grounds of Archnagarin Castle. Sixty journalists were welcomed over the three day event, each receiving a presentation at the Castle and a car to test drive in and around Inverness.

Breathes brief was to create a striking outdoor setting. To achieve this, over 80 high intensity flood lights were used to light the cars, Castle and Skodaville. Working through the night to position and program the lights, Breathes team of technicians overcame issues of access to power and the fierce Scottish weather. 

LED lighting with instant colour filtering offered the flexibility for the client to chose what to light in either white or Skoda green. As darkness fell, the lights cast on the cars and buildings looked impressively dramatic!

Breathe also provided LED screen, sound, lighting and production support to run the presentations and videos. 

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Client thoughts

I dont know how we would have done it without you

Vicky | Event Manager

Buildings lit up in Skoda green by high intensity flood lighting.

The grounds of Archnagarin Castle lit up at night.

Skoda Suberb dramatically lit against the castle at night.

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