Oracle Retail Annual Conference

Sofitel, Amsterdam

Oracle Retail invited over 200 prospective clients to this annual conference to showcase their latest retail technology and systems.  A unique 4K LED wall with ultra high resolution graphics helped deliver their message loud and clear.

As a critical event for Oracle, Breathe were asked to design an interactive set that could adapt to the various presenters, brands and concepts throughout the days agenda. Breathe replied by building a 10 metre wide and 4 metre high 4K LED wall delivering super bright and crystal clear images.  Brand new technology has now allowed for this medium to be used at close proximity in a conference environment and can be built in any shape to complement its environment.

To ensure the images and presentations were in unison, Breathe created specific templates for the presenters to drop their presentations into. This allowed a seamless delivery of graphics to the screen and to the audience.

For the 10th consecutive year, Breathe also delivered the full event production including, sound, lighting, graphics and provided the signage and display counters in the Welcome reception.

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Client thoughts

"Thank you for all your / your teams hard work last week & in the run up to the event. It was a very impressive stage set and the presentations were seamless. If only you could be there at every event!"

Sarah | Senior Director Marketing Communications

The 10 metre wide and 4 metre high 4k LED wall displaying Oracle's primary brand colour red.

The LED wall delivers the conference's presentations.

The versatile LED wall switches to Orange for GDR Creative Intelligence's presentation.

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