Flogas 2019 Conference and Awards Ceremony

The Vale Resort, Cardiff

Another epic transformation at the Flogas Conference and Awards Ceremony, sees a cool and classy conference setting morph into an ultra-glamorous evening soiree, courtesy of Breathe Production and crew.

We’ve been supporting this event since 2012 and relish the opportunity to bring a real wow-factor to Flogas’s annual celebration. The event incorporates a conference attended by key stakeholders spread over two days, with a decadent awards ceremony during the first evening to celebrate the achievements of the Flogas family, so it is only fair that the event is unforgettable. 

And that’s what we love - producing events that will not be forgotten, where we can raise the bar year on year - so here’s how we went about it:

Prep starts early. We receive the brief for the event and get to work months in advance. Because of our relationship with Flogas, we know their likes and dislikes, what they want to achieve and just how many of our creative muscles we can flex. They were keen on a simple, no-fuss conference setting that would feel plush and comfortable and make the attendees feel at home, but with a sophisticated air. We achieved this by keeping things crisp, with an on-brand colour scheme, mounting giant screens on a central stage, and using a Panasonic laser 21k projector to bolster Flogas’s key messages. The room itself was spacious, clean and contemporary.

Rigging and overall set-up started early on Wednesday so that everything was ready for conference go-live on Thursday at 9:00am sharp. 

The conference ended at 3:30, which gave us just 3.5 hours to completely transform the room into the fantastically glamorous, opulent evening ‘Masquerade Ball’ awards ceremony that would be the highlight of the event. With such a quick turn-around time we enlisted the help of a 12 strong crew to de-rig the conference set and install our breathtaking evening setting.

Our idea for the evening set was made possible by our talented in-house workshop team who created two 8-foot wide masks that would be suspended from the ceiling and projection mapped onto. The effect was designed to provide something truly unusual and striking, so having a  team with creative flair means we can make even the wildest of ideas a reality!

In addition to the ‘floating’ masks, giant screens on the stage provided a backdrop of eye-catching effects. 

In-keeping with the ‘Masquerade’ theme, the bar we chose to supply incorporated a back-lit front and huge screens with iconic images. We are well aware that the bar can become the most popular hang-out during the evening so we knew it had to be that little bit extra special.


Aside from the set and bar, we also supplied the band for the evening; The Subterranneans. Along with DJ Andy Saunders, both have worked with us numerous times in the past and never fail to bring their A-game. Needless to say, they were a huge hit with the Flogas family.

As you can imagine, the awards ceremony went on into the wee-hours, but we were up bright and early to transform the entire room back into its original setting, ready for day two of the conference to start at 9:30am. 

Returning The Vale Resort back to its original state after the event saw us packing away, de-rigging and trying to maneuver our two giant masks back into the van; home in time to start thinking about next year’s event. It’s always such a pleasure to work with companies like Flogas who are dedicated to giving their team an event to remember, trusting in us that every detail will be meticulously planned and executed to perfection.

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