AppDynamics Roadshow 2019

AppDynamics Roadshow supported by Breathe Production

Based in San Francisco, AppDynamics are one of the largest application performance management and IT operations analytics companies in the world. 2019 saw them named a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for the seventh time and their application monitoring systems are used worldwide; so when they asked us to support their Global Tour this year, we knew it had to be epic.

AppDynamics have a number of requirements for their roadshows, but the things they hold key are quality of product, great design, snappy delivery and no hassle installation. Now these are all things we specialise in, so can we design, create and move a bespoke, awe-inspiring AppDynamics Roadshow around various European venues, identically rebuilding it for every event? The answer is simple - yes, we can.

Organising a tour can be complex as there are so many elements that make up a successful roadshow. Normally it would take a number of companies all taking responsibility for these individual elements and trying to work together with some kind of synergy, but our way of approaching an event like this is to bring as much as possible in-house and work with trusted suppliers who we have known and relied on for years. 

The key to our relationship with our wider team is that we all have the same values: outstanding quality and meticulous detail. Project managing everything from design and manufacture, flights and road transport, to crew and hotels is so much easier when you have an experienced team aiming for the same goal and knowing how everything works.

So, as with every event we manage, we put our creative heads on and set the workshop in motion creating the following:

We also supplied AV gear including the tour laptops built to a particular spec and eight moving lights loaded with AppD gobo’s


In addition we organised the extremely important after party drinks venues, which were of course branded appropriately, and in London we also created a garden for chilling out, with artificial grass, branded deck chairs and giant #APPD letters.

So, after plenty of discussing, drawing, designing, manufacturing (by our hard-working, non-stop workshop team), the AppDynamics roadshow was ready to go. Now we just had to load, transport, unload, rig, build, de-rig, re-load and transport to the next venue, making sure that the AppDynamics roadshow ran smoothly and seamlessly, promoting AppDynamics as the world-class service that they are.

We love events like this because it differentiates us from the rest - we get to design and build completely bespoke, high quality components and graphics, then ensure safe arrival and construction by an experienced, knowledgeable team. This is right up our street and we are already looking forward to the next one.


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